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              When you choose NPK, you are choosing almost a century of innovation in leading pneumatic tools. NPK have stood the test of time and are always looking for new ways to enhance manufacturing and fabricating through a honing of their craft. As they continue to serve the construction, pneumatic and chemical industries, they always strive for a legacy through excellence. NPK are a global company who place a high value on the contribution that they can make to every client, customer and alliance in our network.

              NPK Products

              Impact wrenches – We offer a range of impact wrenches with1/2 inch to 2-1/2 inch drive including Piston, D handle and angle drivewrenches.

              Drills – Choose from a range of drills including straight, pistol and jumbo typedrills.

              Die Grinders – Our die grinders are built to last with heavy duty cast alloy casing in mini, standard and extended shaft types.

              Straight Grinders – When precision matters, we have a range of straight grinders from 65mm to 150mm.

              Sanders – With wheel sizes of 100mm–180mm and free speed up to 7,600rpm, our sanders get the job done faster.

              Angle Grinders – Extra heavy duty angle grinders for industrial use, with roll throttle and lever throttle. 100mm 4″ to 230mm 9″sizes.

              Chipping Hammers – Precision welding applications need precision tools like our range of chipping hammers.

              Vertical Grinders – Enjoy single-setup processing with vertical grinders.

              New Kelens – For precision removal of scale and concrete dross in agitators.

              Auto Chisler – Make work easy with the auto-chisler from NPK.

              Scaling Hammers – Remove thick scale, heavy corrosion and hard coatings.

              Sand Rammers – For rammed wall formations. Standard and extended handles 40mm to 87mm butts.

              Hoists – Pull cord type and pendant control option. 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg and 2800kg.

              NPK air tools Australia have full spare parts back up and come with a twelve-month warranty.